Casio PX5s Sounds

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Casio PX5s Sounds

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Install Instructions:

1. Unzip the file
2. Drag the "MUSICDAT" folder directly to your flash/thumb drive. DO NOT DRAG INTO ANOTHER FOLDER OR SUBFOLDER...drag the "MUSICDAT" folder directly to thumb drive.
3. Insert Flash/Thumb Drive into PX5s
4. Hold the "Media" button on PX5s (Wait for screen to finish saying "Mounting Media".
5. Select "Load"
6. Select "Stage Setting"
7. Select the sound you want to load and chose the bank and patch number you want to load it to if you are uploading individual sounds.

NOTE: If you would like to load all of my sounds at once go through steps 1-5 above then scroll down and choose "All Data" and load "TOODATA1".

All of my favorite pianos and ep's are in "Bank 2". My main stacks and layers are in "Bank 0" & "Bank 1". "Bank 3" has some pad and synth stacks. Bank 9-0 through 9-4 are some bass guitar and keys splits where the upper part of the keyboard are some different instruments and the faders control each zone. The other banks are just miscellaneous sounds that I don't really use.

I have also included my sound list that you can print, cut and tape (scotch tape works best) on your keyboard so you know where all of the sounds are. I also included a sample picture of how my PX5-s looks with it applied. ENJOY!!!

I want this!

1 zip file with all sounds, 1 picture to printout of sounds to place on your keyboard.

It's FREE! Just put "0" in price field.


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